quinta-feira, 19 de abril de 2012

Time Magazine, "10 Questions for Chris Kyle"

You've written a book, American Sniper. Are special-operations guys usually so public?
It's kind of frowned on. But I'm not trying to glorify myself. I didn't want to put the number of kills I had in there. I wanted to get it out about the sacrifices military families have to make.
That number is there though. You have purportedly the highest of any American — 160 "confirmed sniper kills." What does that mean?
When you take a shot and the guy goes down, you have to have witnesses verify that he is dead. We'd fill out an assessment of what happened — the time, the place, the caliber used, the distance, what he was doing, what he was wearing.
What goes through your mind when you kill someone?
The first time, you're not even sure you can do it. But I'm not over there looking at these people as people. I'm not wondering if he has a family. I'm just trying to keep my guys safe. Every time I kill someone, he can't plant an IED. You don't think twice about it.

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